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"Can a swabbing of the throat of suspected diphtheretic patient be isolated in any way tzcept by nutrient agar-agar or Loeffler's blood serum? If so, how? Could a swabbing taken late one night be passed upon early next morning without these culture media? Is it possible to isolate the organism with the microscope, from a cover-glass specimen, that night or the next morinng, without cultures being made? Could a severe case of diphtheria be completely cured in two days so that swabbings sent to two different bacteriologists failed to isolate even one little germ? What do you think? Will thank yo very much for information on this In answer to your first question,"Can a swabbing of the throat of side a suspected diphtheria patient be isolated in any way except by nutrient agar-agar or Loeffier's blood scrum," I would say that there would be some difficulty in Isolating it on ordinary plain agar-agar, the diphtheria bacillus preferring a serum media, especially one containing glucose. "The enormous influence of spiritual environment, of friendship, of happiness, of beauty, of success, of religion," says hydrochloride Cabot,"is giievously, ludicrously underestimated by most physicians, nurses, and hospital superintendents. Fallen Leaf Lake (South Lake Tahoe), CA (picture).

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