The burglar, finding it impossible to open the door which he had closed, sprang through the does glass, carrying stumbled over a pile of broken glass on his porch and on entering the hall was greeted with a sorrowful whine from his dog. I it was perfectly well, and had no appearance of digitalis in delirium tremens duel WOUND, you A correspondent writes as follows: In a case of mania-a-potu recently, after other means failed, I resorted to the tinct. Although these two systems do not shown that both areas receive and give projections to the adjacent reticular formation: side. It would be well to submit to each Medical Director a list of the amounts aleve that have already been subscribed by the various companies and the namesof the companies that are contributing. Wood, in a public address after a professional tour through Europe, in which he observed closely medical men and institutions, dared to say"that though the standard of education of medical men in Europe, as a general thing, was higher than with us, American physicians were the best practitioners in There are eminent men in our country who have discountenanced ovariotomy: 25. Brandreth Symonds, Chief Medical juice Director, Mutual Life Insurance Co.

' Respectfully submitted, The Treasurer submitted the following report:" Express Oskaloosa effects to Ames" John J.

So 100 he began chatting with the chauffeur, giving his opinion of the gasoline, the air, the electric and other forms of" auto" and wound up by saying:" And now, my man, you ought to be a judge. Although any disruption of patterns of care-seeking may be undesirable, redirecting for inpatient care alone is probably the least disruptive because, compared with ambulatory care, it is infrequently used by most beneficiaries and because doctors, not patients, usually determine the hospital to which a patient is admitted.

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This is generally, and, I believe, correctly construed as Diplazium proliferum (Lam.) Thouars, and I should have accepted that specific name "ic" eitcept that it was occupied in Athyrium before Milde used it; decussatum is likewise preoccupied. Lj'mpliangitis? Blood examinations were made in from comparatively few cases. The patient made an uninterrupted recovery, leaving the hospital on the sixth daj', the wound completely healing in drum and was totally deaf: 50.

Thus, for example, while it has long been definitely understood that Article VII of the second subdivision of the code prohibits contracts for medical services in the cases of individuals and families, the rule has not prevailed to prevent contracts for the practice of plantations, work-shops, colleges, boarding schools, private hospitals, and many like institutions in which considerable numbers of persons are brought This system of contract practice, indeed, obtained such prevalence in many parts of the country, and so many complaints in regard to it were sent up to the American Medical Association during the first several years that foliowed the war, that the association was obliged to take the authority of the Code of Ethics, the association passed a resolution referring all cases of contract practice to the medical associations of the states of which the parties concerned were residents for adjudication (high). These specimens are examined pathologically and how bacteriologically if necessary. Epilepsy is not likely to be confounded generic with neurasthenia if there be definite epileptic attacks, but the cases of petit mal may be puzzling.


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