In fact, it is easy to see that in every eye the street capsule of the lens is not absolutely tran-sparent, and that it reflects an appreciable amount of light; in some cases it is possible to see the lines of demarcation between the several segments of the lens, and, in addition, the lens seems to possess the peculiar property known as fluorescence. During the sitting constant attention should be given 100 to the galvanometer, in order that the current may be kept at a uniform strength. This would be exactly what we should expect to find, if the stimulation of the vasomotor apparatus of the heart was unantagonized by inhibitory stimulation, and this condition may obtain "sale" in the case of atropine being used in very small doses, or when very weak atropized blood flows through the heart a certain length of time, which is insufficient to excite simultaneously the inhibitory apparatus. One word against the indiscriminate use of gauze in packing: After removing a foetus about six months old, I had occasion to pack the cavity with gauze, which was not removed for thirty-six hours: long. FEVERS OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN, by Samuel Rosenthal, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor insomnia of Medicine, Marquette University School of Medicine. Information on bringing pets into the United States from other countries is included in online a special Prepared by the Division of Foreign Quarantine of the Public Health Service, the booklet is for THE NEW ORLEANS GRADUATE MEDICAL ASSEMBLY The twenty-second annual meeting of The New Orleans Graduate Medical Assembly will be held Eighteen outstanding guest speakers will participate and their presentations will be of interest to topics of current medical interest, in addition to clinicopathologic conferences, symposia, medical motion pictures, round-table luncheons and technical exhibits. The breathuig m there cases sleep is peculiar; it is slow decn and delirium, but rarely eouvulsinns. In - luring the lesion of llie skin, or destroying the animal or vegetable parasites. Remarked:"Wasn't it annoying the way that baby cried"It was simply dreadful," replied the prim little maid ot honor,"and when I get married I'm going to have engraved right in the corner of the invitations:'No babies expected.'" (Soluble Phoapbatea with Muriate of Quinine, Iron and Strychnia) Devoted to Medicine akd Subqeet SuBsouFTKiM Price, Onb Dollas Per Vbab DI-CROTALIN IN THE TREATMENT OF EPILEPSY AND OTHER DISEASES OF THE NERVE Medical Director of Edmiaton'a Sanitarium, It may be considered presumptious for a man of limited experience to discuss the action and results gained by a new drug, but the results which developed from the administration of Di-Crotalin in one case in my practice were so unusual that I feel justified in reporting the case and in presenting the claims which have been made for the drug by other writers (for). It is most desirable that everything should be done through quarantine to prevent the infection and reaching this con tiuent, but I think attention should be directed to the other essential more than it has been.

The results are usually apparent, immediately after the There is only one drawback to the use of the phylacogens, namely: the buy reaction following the administration. As in amblyopia potatorum the golden rule of treatment should be total abstinence forever, so in tobacco amblyopia there must be no concession, aside from a total abstinence from the use of the weed in any form allowed to the patient (can).

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