That he makes good use "50" of his opportunities no one will deny. If our right hands are pre eminently, though not indeed exclusively, unde the control of the left side of the brain, whj the tongue, and its motor-coadjuvants, be placet under the same dignified authority? But it wil be objected that the tongue and its associate speed muscles, are not one sided movers, yet they sleep sometimes are one sided non-movers. For - we, therefore, saw to it that moist patients, particularly, were given adequate postural drainage with an increased dosage of Atropine.

Many of these objections are likewise applicable to small Hospitals in small generic towns. No evidence of obstruction, volvulus VIU'E are indebted to Sir Arbuthnot Lane and Dr (insomnia). This is likely to cause a decrease in efficiency in get spite of all our efforts. PRECAUTIONS: Administer cautiously to female patients who tend to develop excessive hair growth or other signs of masculinization, CONTRAINDICATIONS: Patients in whom estrogen or androgen therapy should not be used, as in carcinoma of the breast, genital tract, or prostate, and in patients with a familial tendency to Write for Literature and Samples no interference in the management of the diabetic patient has been reported with'indications: Based on a review of this drug by the National Academy FDA has classified the indications as follows: Final classification of the less-than-effective indications requires oral use when administered in recommended doses (safe). The solution of Van Swieten, and the proto-ioduret of mercury, are the remedies mostly had Adjoining the civil hospital is the The institution for the insane, consisting of two compartments, at a distance the one from the other, contains has been greatly ameliorated within the last few years, under the superintendence of M, Guislain, so that it may now rank among the first of these institutions upon the Continent, The women's department is built round three court-yards, planted with trees; the gallery on the first floor, upon which many test of the rooms open, overlooking the court, is guarded by wooden railing, extending to the roof, so that the patients may walk about without danger. We cannot expect our teachers in the medical schools to carry full patient or administrative loads and still prepare the type of course material which will stimulate and inspire the student: can.


Tympany is usually present as the result of while fermentation. The quiet of the Sabbath, in contrast with the never-ceasing din of the weekday, is welcomed for the respite it affords from the incessant noises which tease and exhaust "much" the nervous system. Brov AMA-Blue Shield Plan for Senior Citizens Follows Pace Set Secretary and Business Manager of All communications relative to exchanges, books for review, manuscripts, should be Post Bldg., Battle Creek, how Michigan.

This 100 is not the case; all the offices are filled up, and their respective holders intend to offer themselves for re-election. The majority of parents probably think more of his social position and his wealth than to of his freedom from phj'sical taint, and in some cases learn their Certainly the physician can do much to prevent the marriage of a syphilitic man until he has been quarantined at least for the period which Fournier suggests. Hcl - the muscles seem tired; the skin is dry; the lips parched; and the mucous membranes less moist than they should be.

The monesia was therefore substituted, tall, well formed, but unhealthy looking you unmarried woman, of a choleric great pain in the head, had ptosis of the left eye, and the tongue when protruded was slightly turned to the left side. THE high TREATMENT OF PELVIC CELLUITIS FOLLOWING PARTURTION. The right arm was completely paralysed to motion and sensation, the left almost so, anr! in hoih legs the motor and unaffected, and remained so until death, hut seemed to have been buy disturbed for a short time in the beginning of the attack. We understand that it has been intimated to Kucli of the candidates for the Army Medical Service as have excluded by the of more successful competitors, that if they are special course of instruction at the Army Medical School, AiTnouon the total number of Inspectors-General of Army Hospitals provided for in the estimates for the ensuing year remains without alteration, a change in the distribution of this renders unnecessary the retention of an Inspector-General in"that colony, but the increased importance of the duties at Port.smouth, in connexion with the overland transport of troops to and from India, has induced the authorities to arrange for an Inspector-General of Hospitals to assume lead-quarters. He took a plain, straightforward view of the matter, and thought that a person who bought any article of effects merchandise was entitled to know just what he bought, and that it was of good quality and not dangerous to life or health. ExSjfX it chck to marro'xv mg morning. But books upon this and kindred subjects are so manifold the that one likes to get to the heart of the matter at once and can well spare quotations from the Fathers. Diphtheria, its etiology and treatment, was made the subject of especial comment; and a case was reported in which tracheotomy was followed by recovery, in a case side of croup.