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If His Excellency's reply should prove in the affirmative, the Societv will consider the advisability of appointing a sub-committee safe to draw up the report in (luestion.

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The towns that took active part in cleaning up, oiling and screening cisterns and destroying other breeding places of the mosquito in the early stage of the outbreak of the fever in New Orleans, escaped entirely, or only had a few imported cases; whereas, the towns that were indifferent or did not believe the mosquito capable of transmitting the disease, and made no effort to place things in a sanitary condition and destroy the mosquito and its breeding places, have suffered very severely for their Many residents of Shreveport remember the sad and terrible epidemics of yellow out in New Orleans this suinnier they immediately awoke to the danger to Shreveport and bestirred themselves to active measures in cleaning up the city, cutting weeds and grass, oiling and screening cisterns, rain of water barrels, etc., destroying the mosquitoes in every possible way and putting the city in a first-class sanitary condition. Every tiny filament was traced to its you point of mergence with less specialized tissues.