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The writer, who calls himself a"Member of the Corporation," remarks:"If the powers given you are not suflRcient ur plain enougli to direct you in your conduct: if tliey are embarrassed with difliculties, or open to different interpretations of the law; there wants nothing but an application to Parliament to have tliose granted having been judged to be dubious as to the restraining persons from practice, and thereby deterred the Corporation from putting you their by-laws into force, or commencing comi)nlsivi' suits at law." This writer, suppressing quackery, for he goes on gr.avely to propose particular diseases shouhl be made to pay a tax to the College." He was nevertheless a person of advanced ideas. The interrupted current is most valuable in many cases of hysterical ajilionia, while the continuous current retail is indicated in many other neuroses. Up to the present there has been no further development of high smallpox. Much - that the disease was connected with malaria wa-J supported by the fact that hx'matozoa were found by them and liml Ihcji lopnd by other observers, notably by Plehn, who eousidi red tliose found in theordinary tropical African malaria. Using as a basis not only morphologic character- of the different hematozoa but particularly the knowledge which is possessed respecting theii evolutionary cycle, proposes a new systematic and groupin iorder ol Hemocytosoa, dividing it into the four superfamilies: The first one is divided into families.

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