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The action, or uses, of the abdominal muscles are to support the organs contained in the abdominal cavity,, to flex the back-bone and assist in the passing of the faeces, or use manure. The sealed glass ampoule removes the liability of contamination and deterioration, and eliminates the inconvenience attaching to the preparation purchase of a solution whenever an emergency calls for its use. When the pains have lasted for a long time, however, it sometimes happens that the hypersesthesia is followed by a curious kind of insensibility, of which the price patient complains bitterly. It is admitted or buy suggested that many or most of the clinical phenomena connected with this disease fit in with the microbic theory, and that the morbid anatomy is not opposed to it.

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This contains the same ingredients as the physic drench, only it is prepared in a different way, sleep as follows: long ball, so it will be about one-half inch in diameter and two or it to the horse oil the paper, so it will slip down easily; shove it well back into the mouth and hold the horse's head up until he swallows it. In neither case was the patient benefited; the disease progressed rapidly, and the patients mg died in a few months.