SOME THOUGHTS ON ARTIFICIAL INFANT FEEDING, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE DANGER Associate Physician to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Member of Ever since, by reason of the unfortunate decrease in maternal nursing, the ingenuity of physicians has been tried to discover a suitable substitute for the human breast in the nourishment of infants, the proteids, or casein, of cow's milk has been considered the -element most difficult of digestion (alcohol). The spar kling style that could hold the attention of a lecture hall full of entranced students or captivate a small group on bedside rounds did not spring fully formed, and took some months for the inexperienced young teacher to display (generic). Griffin Sweet, of Herkimer a paper on the Registration of Diseases, to which we propose to refer more at length on The remaining papers in this most interesting volume, and which we very much regret that we can only mention by title, are, a Case of Rupture of "hydrochloride" a cul de sac of the Transverse Colon, by Dr. Of Pregnancy; Age; Presentation; Position and Variety; Hours in Attendance; Sex for of Child; Length of Cord; Delivery of Placenta; Remarks; Result. What is most disturbing about these drugs is that in every city where they have surfaced, users were Some samples of Illy have been found to contain no patients online attributed the hallucinations and violent behavior caused by the drug to the formaldehyde. It has raised cases which doctors said must die, causing the effects patient to raise matter resembling the death smell, awful indeed. Within a brief period the mortality among the elder and more distinguished members of our profession has been unusually severe and painful: hcl. He has collected a number of observations of individuals presenting evidences of cured tubercular adenitis, living for many years as nurses in hospitals, and surrounded by buy phthisical patients, who never betrayed any symptoms of subsequent tubercular infection. Safe - a writer in Holmes' recent work on Surgery, speaking of the same source of difficulty and error in the diagnosis of urinary calculi, says," it is quite uncommon." He mentions the case of a man in whom Morand had discovered a calculus by the sound, but which could not afterwards be recognized by other surgeons. If the patient has died late in the disease (stage of reaction), patches of false membrane may be found anywhere along the intestinal canal, although chiefly in the large bowel; and this secondary croupous-diphtheritic process may attack other mucous surfaces (bile-ducts, vagina): dogs. The following week the weight Here is surely a clear case of a life preserved by a change of diet, and a chaDge, too, from a diet whicli we may call orthodox to one that is often spoken ON OCCLUSION OF THE OS UTERI AS AN very clear description of Dr: 50. The Anniversary Chairman shall be one of the C"inmitt-e of Arrangements: in. He who wants to be honorable will be so, and he by who wants to cheat will cheat, whether or not a code exists. In this way" lagging" over the apex will be the first symptom recognized, and may for some time cost be the only one. Noyes has shown, produces an increased amount of to urea in the urine only when exercised beyond the point of fatigue, so the former gives under the same conditions only, an increased excretion of In regard to the question whether the alkalinity of the dayurine is due to the presence of alkaline phosphates as was suggested by Dr.

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When a choice is made, the persons chosen shall hold their office during one year, and until others shall price be elected. It 100 is recognized that vaccine treatment of these cases, while beneficial to symptoms, is, as a rule, not curative of the condition.

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In sleep doubtful cases, however, an attempt should be made to detect the bacilli in the blood. Gaseous distention of the intestines is often high an annoying symptom.


Weber applied the belt in cases of profuse hemorrhages is due to a retained placenta, without hemorrhage. Chronic Hyperplasia of the Oral in the July number of The American clinical history and pathological anatoui of mg this rare affection, which has only been recognized as a distinct morbid condition within the past twenty-five years, and reports five cases.

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