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Pity'tis The excellent South African News to which the unhappy medico is ever as the red rag to the bull, and with which the internal concerns online of tne profession, for some occult reason which we had better not pry into, ever ranks as la haute politique, has broken out in a fresh place. A peculiar crepitant sound which has been attributed to friction of the distended portion of the lungs upon the pleura to is also sometimes present. No one would, for a moment, think of regarding the fibrous how nodules of rheumatism, or the exostoses of rheumatoid arthritis as the cause of the excruciating pain, or any other of the morbid processes which they accompany; and.

Additional harbour regulations have been promulgated in Natal, giving the Health Officer of mg the Port of Durban considerably wider powers in dealing with ships suspected to be plague infected. ELLIOTT much PUBLISHING COMPANY It is announced in press dispatches that an Ohio judge has recently ruled that the medical practice law of that State is unconstitutional," because it limits the right to practise the healing art without the use of drugs or medicines to Osteopaths, and by the rule of exclusion Christian Scientists are prohibited from practising such pursuits."" It should be amended," he is reported as having gone on to say," so as to allow for a reasonable examination for Christian Scientists and for their registration." This is at least logical. The yearbook, Terra Mariae Medicus, covers all the facets you of student activities and is compiled by the students. From the occurrence of rickets on a diet of condensed milk in watery dilution, it may be conjectured that the fault is one of defect rather than of excess, for all the constituents of for milk in such feeding are usually present in unduly low proportion; moreover, compared with human milk this dilution of condensed milk will show a relatively greater defect of fat than of protein, as can be seen from the following comparison: Analyses of human milk make it probable that deficiency of fat is commoner than deficiency of protein.


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John Eager Howard plans for the beautiful replica of the Pantheon which stands today and houses the two old amphitheatres, the offices can of the Dean, the Alumni Association, Postgraduate Committee, and other administrative offices.

These secondary processes only need be considered tuberculosis may rarely complicate take or follow serofibrinous effusion. Kurtz's high estimate of the profession of the trained nurse is well known and, as on similar previous occasions, he spoke of the lives that might have been saved had they been employed by the government in the Spanish-American war (price). Each year the student body elects the Student Council which formulates and directs policies and activities of the student body and makes appropriate recommendations to the proper authorities (get).