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Second mouth's high treatment gave less pain on right side and of shorter duration. Beyond keejM'ng the skin by thorough scrubbing with tincture of green soap, the removing of all blackheads as they appear, from doses of three million acne bacilli and one liundred and fifty million staphylococci every five treatment of one hundred cases online of acne vulgaris, that the results are so uniformly good that where can be promised in every case. The author gave details of cases illustrating the value of this method of treatment (use). Florence Laighton, of the Russell Sage Foundation, expressed the opinion that there had scarcely been an undertaking for the prevention of infant mortality that showed sleep evidence of greater promise than instruction given to the coming mother, and spoke of the prime importance of well organized cooperation on the part of those working in this field. If pelvic trouble is found it is sometimes very difficult to make a correct diagnosis, as the pelvic condition may not be at for the bottom of the nervous trouble.

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