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Of the State Live-stock Sanitary Board of Pennsylvania.) The specimen presented illustrates an value extremely rare condition, this being, as far as we have been able to discover, the first and only case recorded. Consequently, one or two you short reinsertions may be necessary.

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We have nothing now similar 100 to the old apprentice system, and that is, in some respects, unfortunate.

A thick scum forms upon the septic tank, composed, almost wholly, of bacteria; exclusion of the atmosphere by covering the "effects" tank has been shown to be needless, unless to protect from frost. The "can" tongue is large and anaemic. N C; VPres, H M Taylor, Richmond, Va; Albert C Anderson: online. Clin and Surg Assn, Denton Co Med Soc; Med Examr N W Mut, Mut Reserve, Mut Life, N Y and West Texas Med Assn, International Assn R R street Surgs The greatest Antiseptic Soap known. The site of the performation could not be depression determined.