Weight gains, wherever weight was deficient, were all that could be desired and digestive disturbances were of exceedingly rare "alcohol" occurrence. It would follow then that our ambulance companies and field hospitals must be drawn from the chief centers of population in our states, in order that sufficient men of the high right kind could be recruited These men, especially the field hospital, need more advanced instruction in the care of the sick and wounded and should be called together frequently for instruction and training in their duties. It will keep for six months and perhaps longer when it is stored does at low temperature in the dark, but it is desirable to administer it as soon after its preparation as is consistent with complete and thorough tests of its purity and sterility.

Starkev, of Chicago, presented a ELECTRICITY IN THE TREATMENT OF OCULAR After the failure to relieve ocular neuralgia by providing the patient with proper glasses, electricity may prove how of great value. Coli were whose stools the Flexner "price" bacillus was isolated along with colon forms, the B. In three weeks he could walk 150 twenty squares in a day without special fatigue. The main portion of the paper consists of the for enumeration of the various measures and remedies for differing clinical conditions, and the'details must be read by those interested. Nearly all trace of the nonnal elements of the wall are lost, but in the upper street part of the small intestine and in the stomach the tumor cells can be seen infiltrating the muscle, which is still preserved. There was also undue sensitiveness in you the left ovarian region. More than two thousand of these' men were to leave their bones on the field, twelve thousand more were to be wounded, besides three thousand missing, many of whom were killed or wounded (can). Canada - to my surprise, I found in the socket of a tooth a thread, and upon pulling it out a strip of gauze followed, giving vent to an extremely foul odor and to a quantity of thick pus from the antrum.

It weighed five and one-half ounces to the yard as compared with six and one-half ounces for the standard Quartermaster's olive drab cost material.

One TREATMENT OF on DIPHTHERIA WITH THE ANTITOXIN. In using the galvanic current the negative pole is attached to the applicator, and the positive to a moist sponge or pad having an placed over the abdomen, usually over the In using the sinusoidal current employ the same online general technic, but it makes no difference which way it is connected. Snort - attention is also directed to the parts which border on the eyelid and to the nearness of the brain and other vital Sudden Deaths in a Synopsis of Twenty Years' and says that sudden death comes from circulatory systemic disturbances more often than from all the rest of the other systems of the body combined. The post mortem, and performed by Dr. Tliis was followed in a short time by the most favorable Irritating remedies, especially silver nitrate, liariiiful in pseudomembranous conjunctivitis (mg). She 200 went to the police and set detectives on her husband's trail; interviewed the newspapers; threatened divorce; put a truly insane interpretation on the most trivial circumstances; said she would ruin her whole family if necessary, but that her husband should be exposed. An intimate knowledge of the different groups of of lymph glands is a most essential prerequisite to the diagnosis of tuberculosis in life, and no less to a satisfactory post mortem examination. 100 - a talk of three to five minutes usually sufficed, recounting King Typhoid's awful toll in wars of the past, the horrible example of the Spanish-American, which some of them had witnessed or experienced, and the experience of Troop A, at Gettysburg. In the left car were found otorrhoea, ossification of the spongy portion of the pars petrosa and of the processus mastoideum, and ossification of the membrana fenestrse rotundse; the ligament of the stapedius muscle was mov Auditory ntiophy and anomalies of development In the nienibianous labyrinth of both ears in a case of deaf-mutism (50).

Get - in the foci of disease were clumps of round cells and leucocytes in and between the acini, and in still more tardy cases points of coagulation necrosis.