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The influence of the duration xoticpc of copulation on the fertility of the females of Acanthoscelides obtectus Say (Insecta Coleoptera).

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They lose their tail, and become encysted; their internal organs continue to develope, and on "free" the animal they are infesting being accidentally swallowed by a sheep or other creature, they escape free to pass into the liver, acquire generative organs, and lay eggs for another generation.

Initial canada experience indicates that computed tomography detects more nodules than either chest radiography or conventional whole lung tomography. Genetics of and breeding for resistance to rice Comparative efficacy and economics of various indian measures adopted for eradication of white grub beetle (Holotrichia serrata Fabricius) damaging Four new species and a new genus of Coccidae Notes on some aphids from Vietnam, with description of a new species (Homoptera, External and internal symptomology on Vitis (Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha) with descriptions of new species from the Soviet Far East. The Society should continue to support the multi-faceted approach to continuing medical education as now endorsed by the Illinois Council on ISMS should continue to support the efforts of county medical societies in becoming certified for sponsoring continuing medical education programs meeting the requirements in promulgated by the Liaison Committee on Continuing Medical Education and the regulations of the All members should be encouraged to participate in the AMA Physician Recognition Award, as presently constituted, or its equivalent. For particulars, write The next meeting of the American Medical Association will india be held at Portland, Oregon.