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We cannot india conceive human life, or any kind of life, as a successful venture in this world unless it carries with it the power to heal as part of its essential machinery.

The poor Law hospitals in the past were challenged by a sentiineutal objection, and the opening of this institution as a municipal hospital not only did away with that objection, but, by so doing, made for the cipla proper and efficient use of the institution. The action of this class of remedies seems to be more satisfactory than that of gargles, for the muscular action in the throat incident to gargling may itself prove harmful (drop). There is reason to believe, however, that to the time of the last from received news from Bagdad that city alone of the great towns on the Lower Euphrates and Tigris had been infected. Iowa, has humans under treatment a case of vitiligo affecting the hands and the wrists.

After the meeting the members assembled at the Hamilton Club where an excellent dinner was provided drugs by the Entertainment Committee. He failed to see the terrible danger to which these patients are subjected: uk.


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We think too exclusively of fever or nutrition or pathological changes or germs or something else, as the case may be: side.

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