For the gangrene is constitutional; we, therefore, can have no pledge that the disease will on not attack the stump, and we have reason to fear that the system will sink under the effort it is called on to make in the endeavour to establish the necessary reparative action.

The University xcent of Tennessee Medical Department. Although many teachers are aware that, some childTen in their cheapest classes do better work and have greater ability.than others, they and the poorest failed entirely. The continuation school law makes it imperatiTe that such pupils -continue to attend school for a few hours reviews OTery week until they attain their serenteenth year.


There is either" contracture" cipla or" spastic rigidity" of the hand and foot the foot suffering very much less than the arm. It is the extract of the Nicotiania rustica, as prepared It is not prepared from the dry but from india the fresh and green tobacco plant. The'commencement, and in amelioration or cure obtained". No improvement followed, and, in fact, no observable 20 effect was produced The fact that thiosinamin increases the leukocytes in the blood in very marked degree indicates that this explains its action on fibrous deposits.

I had used the first named a little, but having them more forcibly brought to mind, and recognizing the fact that I had them on trial, "kkk" I watched their action more carefully. Amongst its objects is the suppression of the practice of medicine and surgery by unqualified persons, the suppression side of indecent works, and the amendment of the law relating to quackery and quack medicine. The nipple of this instrument must also be longer than under ordinary circumstances; and again, its orifice must be narrow in order to allow a feeble flow of it- contents; the act of deglutition being very slowly accomplished, there is thus no penetration mkv of liquid into the air passages. Copland Hutchinson, Tiling the Carotid uk for Aneurism by Anastomosis. But enough of this: we have now been amused sufficiently, and we are obliged to Dr (effects). It was in-egular and hard; and so thin and superficial, that in grasping from it the fing-ers could almost be made to meet behind it. That is to say, in order to make room for an increased amount of blood in the cerebral vascular system a corresponding amount of fluid must be driven out of the enveloping lymphatic vessels; x whilst, when the vascular supply is again diminished, a proportionate amount of fluid re-enters the cerebral Thus, we believe that the amount of blood existing within the cranium may be subject to great variation, and that the peculiarities of the cerebral circulation have been much overrated: 10. He narrated his experience of rheumatic fever, of which he had h.ad two hundred and eighty-three cases, with one death; of delirium tremens, of which he had had one hundred and sixty-four cases, with three deaths; buy and of pneumonia, with a mortality amongst the poorest classes of less than four per cent. It is very remarkable indeed to find online that, in a great many cases of considerable hcemorrhage pressing on the two sides, there was no paralysis at all or very little. Into the arachnoid sac, the fluid is found more or less yellowish in colour, and may be even more or less mixed price up with thin, serous blood.

The possibilities of the phonograph in the accurate registration of sounds mg forms the subject of a demonstration by McKendricks before the British Association, Glasgow.