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Thomson states:" In my erfahrungen opinion digitalis has no beneficial effect upon the heart when weakened by fever. An effective system of drainage, for the purpose of removing stagnant pools of water, should be put into operation wikipedia early in the spring. It is much safer to permit vdk the patient to go on with the slowly acting tobacco poison than to substitute more rapid ones in the form of vasodilators or potassium iodide. Wood, the noted 10 therapeutist, died at of seventy-nine. Gooch mentions among his surgical cases an instance htc like the above of emphysema following violence applied to the chest, where no fracture of the rib occurred, in which the fact was established by a post mortem held a few days after the accident. The limb having been first bandaged, a splint, extending from the nipple to about four or six inches below the foot, was placed externally; a shorter head one, reaching from the perineum to the condyle of femur, was placed internally, and an anterior one placed between Poupart's ligament and the superior border of patella.

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