McClelland, Chairman, presented uk the following scientific program:"Brief Clinical Notes: Hyper-and Hypo Aneurism" by Glentworth R.

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The pressure of the abscess against the left ventricle was so great that the latter, and in fact the entire heart was atrophied and showed a marked cavity on its posterior border, caused by atrophy from the pressure (20). What's to be done? Are we in the fell clutch of circumstance? Are we impotent to determine our own fate? Is this fate to be determined by unfriendly and reactionary forces outside of ourselves, and are we blindly shipping aiding them at the present time? Is our policy of popular education a phase of evolution or of decadence? THE SANE CONTROL OF VENEREAL DISEASES.

The diagnosis is usually easy, and when in doubt as to whether the tumor is an abscess or a side hydronephrosis or solid mass, the exploring needle should be used.

As the emaciation increased, and as the stomach would retain nothing, beef-tea and other forms of nutrient encmata were tried with some Dr M'Gown, of Millport, under whose care the boy was at the coast, observed him one afternoon eating and thereafter vomiting what from he had taken, and it occurred to him that the food did not enter the stomach at all, and that possibly there might be a stricture or contraction of the oesophagus.

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