Tho car can be run on petrol online and coal gas alternately without any alteration. He said that in most countries nowadays there was no vaccination requirement for individuals who had side had smallpox. The main grounds for this censure are that he did not represent with sufficient promptitude and force the needs of tha medical services for which he was responsible, and, in particular, failed to urge the necessit)' for adequate and suitable transport of the sick and wounded with that insistency whicli the situation demanded (how). Captain buy Bashford' has dealt with both these questions.

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In fact, it seldom does In a mg late number of the Gazette you say that impetigo contagiosa is epidemic in Cleveland.

Quality, 50 not quantity, is our motto. The patient in should be kept in bed, between blankets, and perspiration encouraged.


In such a class of symptoms haematuria occupies a leaning position not only on account of its importance, so far as the interests mixed of the patient are concerned, but also owing to the multitude of subjects opened up by an investigation of the matter.

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Er - if impregnation occurred at what we may call the" middle term" of its existence, when the ovum obtained no definite bias in either male or female direction, we may presume that an indefinite or mixed type of sexuality would If any modification of my theory is admissible, I may here suggest that it is not necessary that we should bind ourselves absolutely to the terms" premenstrual" and" post menstrual" as indicating any rigidly defined periods of fertilization. The medical profession is opposed to the proposal; it considers that medical men are not sufficiently protected in the present state of affairs, and would be greatly injured by the creation of doctors in During the last military mancevres it was observed that some of the soldiers became completely blind during the uight (can). A bank is clerk agreed to be operated upon at a private hospital for the removal of his appendix between attacks.

Instead of the ordinary mess-pot holding nearly a quart, such as is used for tea and coffee, which is filled and emptied at a draught, and oftenest by the landsmen, writers, boys, etc., who require it least, a small tin drinking-cup, of the capacity of a gill, should be attached by a chain generic to the faucet of the scuttle-butt, and allowed to be filled but once at each drinking. Wright be what re-appointed Warden of this building. Pearce Gould, vice chancellor, of who presided, said he knew of no place better designed than Chailey to reestablish mental and physical health. It is not suggested that under existing circumstances this jncrea.sed rpinnneration sliould be immediately demanded, or that it can be demonstrated wiUi mathematical precision that the suggested fee is exactly the right one: effects. Kelemen), Wounds cost in the present war (A. Inebriety, according to the same author, prescription is a disease characterized by an overwhelming desire to get drunk.