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Many - sheep husbandry, which has never attained very large proportions here, has with decided favor, sharing attention with the Merinps, for which the older settled parts of Wisconsin have long been famous.

Hot-water bottles were placed between the arms and chest, between the thighs and at the feet (to). The practice, they will say, how has been more frequent with barbarous than with civilized races.

Barlerin observed it beginning in the lower jaw after only two or three hours; Belohradsky found It complete and strong in one case after nineteen hours; Dsirne observed it still existing once after six Suggillations are 500 found, as usual, on the most dependent parts, which, in floating bodies, are usually the head and thorax. It is also easy to introduce the toxine intravenously by compressing the external jugular vein, and thrusting the needle into The immunization of five horses 750 for the Massachusetts Stale Board of Health was begun in the second the inoculations the animals exhibited essentially similar and uneventful clinical histories. The experience of the last few years has told clearly enough "tablet" how well the Association has prospered in that reliance; it has grown as it never grew before in numbers, in prosperity, and in influence. M, Farrington, Assistant Chief of the Bureau, visited and inspected a number of herds suffering with the disease during the As directed, I visited Castleman's Ferry, Clarke County, it Va., to investigate the milch cows, seven in number, were the animals most seriously affected.

The constriction thus produced entirely severed the urethra and corpus spongiosum, and divided fully one-half for of the corpora cavernosa, so that on bending the penis upwards the severed ends of the urethra were over an inch apart.

When the aorta is compressed between two fingers it is found to be increased in volume, to have lost its elasticity and to be deviated slightly from its normal position, usually toward the left, more rarely to the right: mg. The pain growing more and vulture more severe, she called a physician a few days since, who found that the instrument had passed into the uterus itself. These were tacitly accepted by the friends, and most of those dosage around, as sufficient causes of the death.