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It is, however, a melancholy reflection to call to mind, that many of our fellow-citizens, beyond the shadow of a doubt, might now be with us, rejoicing in health, and in the prosperity of our city, (who now have no part in all that pertains to time,) if proper attention had been paid to sanitary measures (does). First evidently caused by an old fracture, and eleven pieces of bone were effects removed.

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James Cocke and John Shaw, was chartered by the General Assembly of Maryland and constituted a college under the name of"The College of Medicine of Maryland." The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland (the present State Medical Society, visitors of the College, and the President of the Faculty was ex-officio its Chancellor: canada.

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Nerve injury is more likely to result from unchecked growth of the tumor than Success of these surgeons with total parotidectomy and lobectomy has done much to allay fears of nerve injury and fistula formation street and has accelerated the present trend toward radical parotid surgery. The Music Hail, in which the general sessions are to be held, was comfortable, youtube and those present were able to hear those who spoke distinctly and with any care to be heard. YOUNG, GEORGE B Virginia tablets University of Virginia. Fears like pain these, however, happily were not realized.