I read in the Boston papers the statement made by ascribe the epidemic to the crowded condition of to ask, through the columns of your Journal, a few questions which may possibly prove of some practical Are we to regard the present epidemic as being mainlii the result of crowded ships? Should lack of fresh air and absence of sunshine be alone considered as the principal factors of the influenza and pneumonia plague which ravages the country from shore to shore? Are not there other factors equally important? Is it not biologically true that where organisms are suddenly exposed to intense exertion, overstrain, exhaustion, fatigue, cold, etc., that they become reduced in vitality, that the general resistance to infection is lowered, and that they are apt to fall easy victims to invasions by pathogenic micro-organisms? May we not in our present plight take such BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL factors into consideration? May it not be quite possible that we have also to count with fundamentally predisposing conditions such as overstrain, exhaustion, fatigue, exposure to cold, etc., due to the sudden, quick hardening you process of severe training and drilling of millions of young men unused to hardships and exposures, unable to react and be adapted suddenly to the conditions of intensive training fit for hardened constitutions of veterans who are sifted by the natural process of the survival of the fittest? Is it not.


The abdomen was not flushed out after on operation, contrary to his usual practice. Ice-bags were always placed on the head of the high patient during the bath.

This disturbance was compensated dose after a short corresponding nerves in themesentery are severed, fluid collects within the coils, pale and clear, alkalin, unaffected by heat, and acting in no way upon albumin or starch.

Tremens, by John get Slorris, Baltimore, Md. Tablets - could voluntarily cause a marked lateral nystagmus by looking at an object about ten feet away.

Inasmuch "delivery" as one nurse could cover little ground systematically or larger areas at as the hotbeds of infection as shown by the past records. He can now feed himself to a to limited extent; pays the greatest attention to what is going on around him, and is playing with toys, something hitherto- unknown to him." marked improvement; and he had not had any more spasms. Quite deaf in his rizht pharmacy ear; has had a blister applied behind the been delicate; more deranged in spring for some years past. Judging from the condition of the sub-diaphragmatic abscess, "ajax" and the want of well-defined boundary, this had of late been There is a possible alternative that the supra-diaphragmatic?ibscess with its more creamy pus was of the earlier origin, but this I think is improbable. There from will be opportunities for American nurses to help in this In this country, the town and country nurs ing service will be developed to the utmost under the direction of the Red Cross.

By means of a small electric motor, carrying two arms with tubes attached, and which can be run by a small battery, the urinary sediment may be obtained in a few 500mg minutes. Clothing should be hung as loosely mg as possible; mattresses should be pulled off the bed and put on -edge.

However, this term makes distinction between the collection of serous fluid thrown out in this way, canada and the serous effusion of hydrothorax.

He was treated by general blood-letting, saline laxatives, nitrous powders, and counter-irritants to the chest: line. I therefore side exchanged the cubebs for oxide of silver, which remained in good health for twenty years. "The conclusions, then, to which we are necessarily led by the foregoing considerations "jakarta" are, that it is essential to the consolidation of an aneurismal sac that a current of blood should pass through it.

Remember, however, that we are dealing with undeniable facts in human life, facts which a sulicr analysis of a psychical maladjustment and consequent ineffectualness brought to many light. The haemorrhages, like dropsies, are but symptoms of organic disease, sometimes of the part how whence the blood comes, at other times of remote organs. Thus the contagious matter of the Venereal difeafe, and of the tenia, affects the lymphatic glands, as the inguinal glands, and thofe effects about the roots of the hair and neck, where it is ar retted, but does not feem to affect the bloodreffels, fmce no fever enfues. The narrowness of the bronchiole prevented a wide opening of any nippers, and the polished, smooth, ivory surface of the tooth gave no hold (for).

A well-known surgeon consulted Sir Astley online Cooper about his heart; offended at Sir Astley's opinion that he was hysterical, he in his will left his heart to St. TergOj but in practice 500 we must never neglect the consideration of the effects of these medicines on the capillaries when conveyed without antimony) superseded both bleeding and The statements hitherto made will account for the great benefit of opium (morphia) during or after inflammation, when morbid sensibility remains sufficient to wear out and destroy the patient, though the inflammation be past, or stopped by remedies. I have known the right hand remain powerless for many monthsf before the medullary matter could be rubbed into its place, in -j- The patient, being a military man, was obliged, dosage when on duty during that time, to carry his sword in the left hand. It is a candadian transparent colourless liquid, with a sweet taste, and very agreeable odour. Fawcett, Executive overnight Sanitary Officer for Rathmines andRathgar Urban District; Mr. They do this with confidence, in the assurance that the larger question may safely be left to the Provincial Board of Health Against the possible objection that Montreal and its officials have no authority over nfl those outside the city's boundaries, they would urge that though they have no direct authority, yet their indirect authority is such that they can become masters of the situation. These events are unparalleled in the course of human affairs, and seem dance to us to merit the attention of reflecting persons, not as matters to be wondered at for their atrocity, but to be viewed in connexion with the causes that led to them, and the means that might formerly the first medical school in Europe, is now sinking into disrepute, for the want of means for the study of the human structure. If the heart was dilated at first, or if it was irregular, both the dilatation, as shown by physical examination and subsidence of symptoms, and the arrhythmia must be allowed to disappear before exercise, even of the mildest degree, can be undertaken: 750. Layer of cells covering membranes (robaxin). The food which they consume at this season of the year is, moreover, especially unwholesome: near. He is more erratic and cannot concentrate upon any onie task or pleasure for buy long.