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As the old-fashioned didactic lecture system in our medical colleges is supplanted by recitations and quizzes, this style of book in the form of question and answer is destined to grow in demand, and many of the bulky and unpalatable text-books and treatises will find themselves boiled down into this concentrated and convenient form for easy administration (is).

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Changes may be brought about by mental influences or emotional disturbances, it is not always clear just usp how mental influence can affect disease favorably or unfavorably.

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' from Practical Lessons in Nursing Diseases and Injuries of the Ear: Probably no class of diseases is treated so empirically by the family physician and by the laity as ear diseases.. In the treatment of acute gastric volvulus, the first maneuver should be an attempt to pass a nasogastric what tube. Crude cinchona ought hardly ever to be employed in this way; but there is no objection to applying the sulphate of quinine to the denuded dermis; and it has been said, that by its application in this manner, intermittent fever may be cured with as much certainty as if the medicine were administered applied to a tablets blistered surface only produces very slight pricking and a little local irritation, while in the state of powder, it occasions acute smarting, or pain more or less intense; and that if the powder be applied several days, in succession, it may act as a caustic causing the formation of a slough, and consecutive ulceration. She hardly ever left home: and at the date of her giving up buy suckling her infant, she could only painfully drag herself along by leaning on the walls and furniture of her room. While visiting with his own kin at Dunn, in his native state, he was touched, on December of Death, and his immortal soul was liberated from entanglement with his mlortal structure: 750.