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The leper, perfectly naked, is then placed in the body cavity and remains there for 500 twenty-four hours, during which time the vigorous"tom-tom" of his friends and the incantations of the medicineman are supposed to transfer to the carcass all the impurities of the individual, who is expected to emerge from his extraordinary entombment sound and whole.

The tubercles may be scattered throughout the lung, side distributed by the blood, and may be found in the walls of the vessels, or radially arranged around the primary focus.

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The only online question which arises in these cases is usually one of mechanotherapeutics. Handbooks for the summer sessions of Saint Bartholomew's Hospital and Dispensary, New York City: dose. Whatever it is, it is very unerring, since the dis ease is more unfailingly communicated to those unprotected by previous attacks than is scarlet fever: with.