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" And that the said College shall have full power to choose and appoint in like manner as other officers of the said Corporation are hereinbefore directed to be elected and appointed, a Court of Examiners to examine such persons as may require it, being Members or Licentiates of the College, touching their ability, skilfulness, and knowledge, previous education, and experience in midwifery, and to grant to such person so examined and qualified, such Certificate of his qualification to practise midwifery, and exercise the profession thereof under the Seal of said Corporation or College, as to them shall seem meet; the Members of such Court of Examiners to be elected annually, at the times hereinbefore appointed for the election of other officers of the said" And also, that all persons whatever, being Members or Licentiates of the said College of Surgeons, shall for so long a time as he and they shall exercise and practise the said profession of surgery, and no longer, be freed and exempted from the several offices of churchwarden, and all other parish, ward, and leet offices, and from serving npon any jury or inquest, in any county, city, or town 750 in our said kingdom of Ireland, upon his or their producing Letters Testimonial, Certificate, or Diploma, under the Common Seal of the said College of such his examination and approbation. Provided the said Members of the Council shall find among the candidates for the offices of Examiners or Professors a person or persons having the qualification determined to be necessary by the Bye-Law of the College in that behalf for the time being in force, and also being in their judgment, or in the judgment of a majority of them, fit and competent to discharge the duties of said office of Examiner or Professor, as the case may be, such candidates for such office as Examiners shall not be Members of said Council, and shall not be capable robaxin of being elected as Members of the said Council so long as they hold the office of Examiners.