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The first of these is the placing of the fundamental laboratory branches of medical education in the hands of full-time teachers who devote themselves entirely to their own individual fields; 75 this problem carried with it a secondary, but equally important one, namely, the raising of entrance requirements to such a degree as to furnish an intellectual soil proper for the reception of the teaching. No further word has been received, although six weeks have canada passed, up to the time of this writing.


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And though the cases are far too few to justify any conclusions as to the merits of the operation through the joint, yet when added to the number of cases to which reference is hereafter made, I think it will be conceded that material evidence has for been produced to justify an opinion favorable to its adoption. Control - critchett to the post of Surgeon. The persistent mucoid discharge characterized by the"morning drop," or the continued presence of urinary shreds, are after with effects of gonorrhea which continue long after treatment in many cases has been suspended.

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