Their leading psychic symptoms are introspection, regret, anxiety and uncertainty.

These results were very interesting, and undoubtedly price show an etiological relation between this bacillus and dysentery. Montagu said that one of the governing principles for future action in the matter which for he had in his mind would be to provide increased opportunities for Indians to enter the Indian Medical Service on equal conditions with equal opportun'ties of promotion. The term"Spanish influenza" is, of course, a misnomer for, as we stated several weeks ago, the disease is probably identical with the influenza with W'hich we have long been familiar in this country, and which prevailed here very extensively 10 last spring. The only cause of the fever in all these patients was tuberculosis, with which they were all afflicted prior to their pregnancy, but which side evidently became aggravated by the latter, and stirred up still more by the drain of parturition. For that reason this repetition and summing up of the situation as it stands of at present may be considered allowable.

The discharge from the ulcerated surface is generally a colourless glair J fluid; which, by drying, forms an elevated hard half gray The cicatrices are generally well defined.

In seven days 40 the volunteers developed trench fever. He sums up by saying:"One can "effects" positively assert that malaria annually costs Italy incalculable Professor Herrick points out that malaria affects agriculture injuriously, in unfitting men for long or energetic hours of labor. Tuberculosis of the work in relation to yellow fever la distribution of. Great dilatation of the orifice, manifested by a sudden large gush of vomited matter, is then a sign of a powerful inderal descending impulse; a sudden stoppage of the heart's action in diastole is also produced by a powerful descending impulse. The plan of making the asylum for lunatics less of jail and more like an ordinary house is making its way extensively: 20. I am not old enough to remember the pre-aniEsthetic age; and, therefore, am unable to draw a contrast which mg will be a vivid one to some of the"elder brethren" I am addressing to-day. The normal uterus will not tol erate injections dosage of any kind, nor will the abnormal uterus admit of injections of solutions of nitrate of silver nor chloride of of these injections when the womb is diseased, except in those puzzling cases known as hysterical or nervous. Should the nonimmune be an officer or a soldier, or a member of the family of an officer or soldier, the commanding officer of the garrison from which he leaves should and be required to notify the commanding officer of the garrison in the town where the nonimmune is going, and the military surgeons be required to take tlie necessary precautions.


Baylor reports the case buy of a woman of seventy-seven years. The salicylate of 80 bismuth forms the sulphate of bismuth within the intestines, and gives off salicylic acid in the urine. The practice of obstetrics was gradually transferred to the hands of men after the appearance of that quaint little book the"Hebammen Rosengarten" of Eucharius Rhodion, principle of version, and the labors of his pupil Jacques Guillemeau in the same field, together with Rousset's work on" Hysterotomotoky." From these beginnings the obstetric edifice grew slowly the united efforts of a host of great men, whose names I must not even pause to recall (10mg). Almost invariably the drug was first given to them, and then they tried taking a few tablets doses, and after that they took all they could get. 60 - most authors have accepted the reflex theory, namely, that the irritation of the ends of the articular nerves reflect back on the spinal centers, and form from there, upon these centers of origin, upon the muscular nerves.

I did not is find that the bismuth acted any more effectually than the calcium in controlling the vomiting.