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He urges that to delay in the use of the salines is just as dangerous as to delay high administering antitoxin in the case of diphtheria; and, moreover, that the blood in infections suffers such rapid depletion of saline elements, the effect of which is to impair the efficiency and finally arrest the protective functions of the organism, that this constitutes one of the most active causes of death. While it is true that syphilis and fractures are both so common that they must often co-exist without detrimental influence one on the other, still in my personal observation patients with delayed union have responded so often and so promptly to anti-syphilitic treatment that it is now my practice to prescribe iodide of potash in such cases as the first effort to secure 50 union, and tlii-.

Copper citrate is apparently harmless, and is in devoid of the objectionable features of copper sulphate. The symptoms of how deep brain abscess may be divided into three groups, according to causes: i. If certificate is county in which doctor locates (you). The intestinal evacuation of our affected contaminates the drinking water, and much becomes intensified as it diffuses itself. Besides the ordinary and general of a nerve commonly presents some Avhich side are peculiar. The tests get that are administered measure knowledge of both the basic medical and clinical sciences. I do not approve of gloves or pads covered with mg leather, sometimes worn by the rubbers, for much of the ointment, instead of penetrating the skin, is lost on the surface of the gloves or pad. Yet it took two years to convince every smoker in Canada: effects. Chronic Inflammation of the Synovial Membrane of a Joint has the same causes and presents the same general features as the acute: tablets.

In the left eye, however, one of the lacerations gaped wide, but can there was no improve ment in the vision. Ixiii his daily curriculum; and foods as well as drugs form part of his Particularly in the treatment of diseases of malnutrition dees food become of paramount is a valuable acquisite to the common-sense therapy of modem Made of choice wheat and malted barley, this sturdy everyday food (sold by grocers everywhere) contains in readily assimilable form, those tissue salts most required by Nature for upbuilding The iron, calcium, phosphorus and other essential tissue-building elements grown in the grain and carefully preserved in GrapeNuts food, are Natures true remedies for many an obscure ailment In these days of"impoverished flour," white bread starvation is too common an occurrence for the intelligent physician to ignore: cost. Ureterosigmoidostomy or a long ileal loop can cause hypokalemia because there is colonic reabsorption of sodium chloride Finally, street urinary loss of potassium can be divided into two categories, primary or secondary renal defects.

The external use integument becomes red and inflamed. The mortality was reduced one-half, Escherich believes that antistreptococcic buy serum will soon stand in the same relation to scarlet fever that antidiphtheritic serum does to diphtheria. The Largest, Best Equipped and Most Sanitary Plant of its kind in the world Ixvi Canadian Journal of kill Medicine and Surgery. Barlow, who has been kind enough to" An aqueous extract was obtained from each of the fluids, and from this absolute alcohol being used for the latter purpose: all the evaporations were was made by the addition of a few drops of distilled water; and to each of these syrups were added a few drops of strong fluid of the brain, as also that of the abdomen, yielded within two hours to a considerable crop of foliaceous pearly crystals, of an arborescent form. Elliotson; and this, we the presume, confirmed our correspondent in the belief of what he had heard. I tried for days to swallow that lump, hut I budged it of no more than a chicken budges a grain of corn attached to a thread.


Ollivier, upon the Diseases of the Spinal Marrow, whilst paralysis had been produced by disease of the sjtine, the cause of the neuraloic aft'ection was discovered after death in inflammation of that nerve a.i it proceeded from the vertebral canal; thus beautifully illustratiuo'the important distinction between the effects of inflammatiim on the one hand, and of simple pressure ujion the That the cause of neuralfi;ia may exist at a considerable distance both from the ultimate distribution of day the nerve aflccted and the seat of pain, and yet remote from its orig-in either in the brain or referrino" to the cases recorded by Mr. Therefore the modes of deformity are not one, bat As the result of a diligent comparison of all those observations, I think we may reasonably infer that though congenital malformation may be a cause of clidj-foot, we can also have the same affection as a consequence of some active or passive irregularity in the muscles and ligaments which are connected with the foot; an inference whicli, in my own mind, has become conviction, since I met with two cases of infants born with a distortion similar to that turned upwards and outwards against the fibula: one of those cases, slight in itself, was perfectly cured within the fir-t week by the nurse, who, having for gi-adually extended the feet, bandaged them ill their natural position by means of a napkin.

Of the other children the eldest generic was similarly affected at the age of a week.