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The temperature must be carefully observed, bipolar as a slight variation vitiates the result of the refraction.

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It is only as he becomes civilized, and lives like gain a white man, that he comes to have such diseases. This is to be smeared over the Contraction of, this consists in the contraction of a muscle, caused by the passive approximation of its for extremities.

After a time there is dulness on percussion, without much change in the vocal fremitus on palpation, the probable explanation of which is that, although the condensation of the lung which is going on of ought to exaggerate the fremitus, the diminished lumen of the bronchus interferes with the access of the sound-vibrations. The choreic movements permanently ceased disorder upon the fifth day, but on the sixth there was some vomiting. The eyes 200 have a prominent and staring look, and his friends think they have gradually become worse in these respects. Side - the serous surfaces are then united by Lembert sutures.