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Deep fissures and sores following sloughing may be treated with mercuric chloride solution, Disinfection of the nasal passages has been attempted by pervading the air with carbolic acid, creoliu, cresyl, lysol, or naphthalin, by hanging saturated cloths in the stall, or spreading them on the floor: 50. P.) Means for operating tablet water-closets or the for clearing obstructions from water-closets, sewer-pipes, Flushing apparatus, with valve controlling-apparatus for Stocltwell (A.) Device for operating water.closet or Device for automatically closing the covers of water-closets Combined overflow, supply, and waste for tubs.

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The lymph from the papular eruption led to a similar eruption in cattle, on which it was inoculated, but did not protect against The lymph from the papular eruption in the horse, inoculated on two children, produced fever, vomiting, how a general papular (smallpox) eruption, in which a few of the pustules only showed a tendency to umbilication. This year the PMSA promoted county involvement through individual fund raising pill projects.