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Some author maliciously observes, that" women run merely in order to be caught." We have modern Atalantas, yet the majority of our women are too weak, listless or indifferent to of even walk rapidly. He was online an idealist of the truest type. We had hoped to have been able to present this address to our readers, in the hcl present number of the Journal, but have found it to be impracticable; we are assured, however, that it will be presented in another form at an early day, when each of our subscribers will be furnished with a copy of this truly eloquent'address. Whether this group is distinct enough to deserve specific rank or not is still an open question to be decided by a comparative study of a large mmiber of strains of this type: 50. Practical experience has shown that the serum tests are misleading (over a long period agglutinins and complementfixing antibodies are present): mg. To manage this successfully, the physician can must have a real interest in young people and be able to gain their confidence.

Bojanus, medical councilor in Hesse, enjoys the unenviable reputation of having most successfully opposed all improvement (use).