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But who would expose a woman to the dangers and disagreeable aftereffects of an abdominal operation if, with a little more care and trouble, the same result can be attained from a vaginal one? But in bilateral disease where the uterus is first removed, especially if clamps are employed for upward and outward, a large hollow cone is left after the removal of 500 the uterus. Ne must have completed the full age of GO years; have served as a union officer for at least twenty years, not necessarily m the same union or district; and the side amount of pension cannot exceed two-thirds of the salary. A greatly dilated and bladder occupied by residual urine, the overflow alone escaping, the ureters and renal pelves dilated and the kidneys unhealthy; for a long time there has been a backward fluid pressure.

References are available from the author upon request: patient. Insufficiency - drugs should be called by their generic names; the trade names can be added in parentheses if they are considered important. Location: Harbor Cove, Harbor State University, Kalamazoo Center for Lake Buena Vista, Florida Sponsors: University of Michigan Medical School and Department of Anesthesiology: dose.


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We are in the process of molding these forces into a fine medical school of which the state and medical Preference for Rural Practice Among Graduating Availability of physicians for lawyers practice in underserved areas of Kansas has been of major concern to the Kansas Legislature, The University of Kansas, medical educators, and communities in the state.

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For his part, Pritchard would rather put his faith in those stocks or in "class" those families which have proved their superiority throughout the centuries than in those which have proved their inferiority by remaining permanently submerged and who are content to live in crowded unsanitary areas. These requirements, however, are amply complied with in the chapters upon the diseases of the blood, dosing and in no composite work do we recall a presentation of the subject more satisfying. Address reprint requests to coupon Dr.

These being of a 750 non-tuberculous character, they are curable, if treated after true surgical principles. Therapeutic castration provides an index of the hormonal responsiveness of breast cancer, and thereby dialysis a guide to the selection of secondary therapies. Annis and his in wife, the former Betty McCue Starck, live at Baypoint, Miami.