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Place your patient effects in slings, thus taking ofi" all the weight from the limb, and keep him as quiet as possible. I for then endeavored to restore the hearing by means of massage, using the pneumo-masseur, but especially the phono- masseur, neglecting the perforatian. This remedy is injurious in ill humor, brain exhaustion, and in the vessels of the brain; it is indicated in those cases where peripheral irritations are present, and is very beneficial in the sleeplessness which is the result of maladies of the pelvic organs: the. If the as sistants quarrel among themselves, or are heard mur muring, or if they draw long faces, all of these high things will disturb the patients and produce worry and anxiety or fear.

Peaslee was entirely opposed to the use of stem-pessaries in cases of retroflexion, since dogs the difficulty could be rectified by other methods.