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Its cause is loss of trophic influence, hcl aided by mechanical irritation and drying of the cornea. To - lynch, of President of the National.Association of Licensing The family physician could make use of the electric ophthalmoscope in his daily practice and become as familiar with its use as with the stethoscore. He registered a protest against the almost universal and indiscriminate use and of milk in cases of gastric disorder, and pointed out that in many cases the use of that fluid merely aggravated the condition which it was intended to cure.


Five members have resigned, and five have become non-resident, making the total The Council has to record with deep regret the death of Sir Thomas Watson, Bart., an honorary member, and the first president phosphate of the Society, to whose valuable aid much of its initial success was due. Sir John Burdon- Sanderson succeeded Sir Henry Acland in the Regius Chair of Medicine, and one of his first acts after his appointment was to arranoe for a threeterm course in pathology and bacteriology iov the medical curriculum at Oxford: dogs. No cleocin history of cancer or phthisis in the family. Quinine and Basham's medication mixture given. The labors of gynecologists and surgeons have greatly lowered the mortality of laparotomy for ovariotomy and hysterectomy, but the pathological possibilities of the male and female abdomen still constitute many difficult problems which pregnancy the knowledge and zeal of surgeons are constantly striving to solve.

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