Treated by corsets at the clinic of Luning and Schulthess, concludes that this method is useless, for the reason that atrophy of the muscles of the back is caused, the digestive functions are interfered with, and, in his opinion, cost the treatment by corsets has an unfavorable influence upon torsion and increased deviation. It is generally admitted that no country can afford to neglect immediate mg and adequate attention to the problem of soldiers discharged from the army owing to tuberculosis.

Schroeder stoutly maintains that the onset of severe and threatening symptoms "get" is never the result of sudden withdrawal, and he affirms that such dangers are purely imaginary; the drug is always stopped in the Breslau clinique on admission.

The nervous system, the side skin, and to a slight degree the throat, are considered in the text. P., is almost unknown in the pathological conditions requiring the utmost endeavor to out maintain life, and wherein this form of alcohol is employed. Carter; Presentation of Specimens and New Instruments: Forceps and Knife for Use in the Submucous Sseptal Operation, is by Dr. This law is at variance with all clinical experience; one sees very large doses constantly tolerated even for long periods in the treatment of many for diseases as psoriasis, diabetes, etc., where there is no reason to susi)ect that the patient had ever contracted syphilis. The normal can course of simple influenza was exceedingly short. Glycosuria is rare and is price of little diagnostic importance. But it is apparent that the placing of such sutures is not accomplished with facility; a single suture is what frequently insufficient, and a large number of the experiments are totally abortive.

Since that time he had been well until his taken present attack, with the exception of a more or less constant" weak feeling" in the epigastric saw him, with pain and distress in the epigastrium; his doctor found him without fever, with a normal pnlse and with marked epigastric tenderness; epigastric region over an area half as large as the palm of one's hand. Brinkhous, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pathology, was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the American Society for Experimental Pathology at a insomnia recent meeting in Chicago. Other cases are due to malposition of the feet in utero, possibly resulting from a deficient amount of liquor amnii, as a result of which the feet are abnormally compressed and held in 50 one position. The second method is also a most efiicient one, and in many cases gives effects better results than the elastic bandage. Anaesthesia being induced with high a mask. The author believes that infection by in coitus is impossible.

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