Six- Weeks War, two hundred and twelve wounded, of whom eighteen, effects or one in twelve, and seventy-five wounded, the proportion of chest wounds being about one in twelve.

The boy is fourteen years of age and is my own cost son. Where the treatment of coronary heart disease IS CONCERNED, EXPERIENCE IS side SOMETIMES THE BEST MEDICINE. The first case in which I saw it used was that of a burrowing ulcer at the root of the penis, supposed 50 to have been originally syphilitic, and for which mercury had proved ineffeciual.

It seems to me that all that could be desired would be to accomjolish the plan dosage suggested.

There is no periodicity in the appearance of the filaria asthma in the urine. He served his internship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for two years (to). Vs - light is gradually dawning on pathological conditions, and man is thus paving a better way for the rational treatment of his own ills and the prolongation of his At the present day I believe the profession is coining more and more to appreciate the importance of diet.

Summer Sessions, and Clinical Lectures on Medicine problems during one Winter and one Summer Session, at ouc or more recognized Hospital or Hospitals. What is 115 left, after such an entry, is both the old and the new information.

College of Physicians through the Committee of Management with a view to avoiding the nomination buy of the same Candidates for the Examinerships by the two Colleges. THE JOURNAL OF THE MAINE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION President, Ralph generic Heifetz, M.D., Portland The annual meeting of the Androscoggin County Medical meeting was called to order by President Paul J. This appears to satisfy better the increasing use of made more responsive to changing attitudes of the medical 21 profession. These sores are and more frequent among mounted men than among infantry, since the former are more liable to abrasions in the handling of their harness, etc. It is not necessary in this audience to gain mention smallpox, cholera, bubonic plague, each of which has been brought under relatively effective control, but I do feel that it is necessary to emphasize the fact that there are many unsolved problems relating to the prevention of disease that stand as a challenge to the industry, the ingenuit)', and the courage of the profession. Every painful movable Annales 100/50 de la Societe Medico-Chirurgicale de Liege, this case of a man aged fifty-three years. At the examination Kjellman discovered a moderate diflFuse swelling, soft to tlie touch of a probe, diskus on the right inferior turbinated. The porpoise executes his remarkable evolutions around his own axis, while rushing along with term the speed of a steamer. It is 250 believed that there are one million known diabetics in the United States and another million unknown diabetics.

Sometimes there is medication no pain in the region of the liver.


What salary the president gets is of no moment, "for" if it pans out low when compared with the capital and resources and character of the company.

If the coupon wound is small and oblique, or tortuous, the air finds its way among the meshes of connective tissue and emphysema is established.

Microscopically the obliteration is caused by connective-tissue hyperplasia at the venous ostia; this is continuous with that of the intima of the vena cava, and is very dense, slightly cellular, and in parts contains lacuna; filled with blood; the stenosis which exists beyond the point of obliteration is due to proliferation of the intima: equivalent. Recently, he was able to enroll one of his patients with sucrase isomultase deficiency, for which there is no medication, in a study being conducted at Boston Children's Hospital: hfa.

In general diagnosis, do not forget the microscope, and especially do not forget its use in the urine, the sputa, and the blood, and 250/50 very frequently in the alvine discharges.