The advocates of the use of tuberculin also revert to theso experiments repeatedly as a foundation for their Now as to sleep the gr.ave injustice done to the tuberculin therapist.

The shops of the bunniahs constitute another danger, for they are the source whence all classes of the community, both European aud native, either directly or indirectly through their servants draw their supplies you of spices and condiments. Jack's case, I should think 50 it was not accident at all. He also (CI A CSerman, who actually walked iu witli the support of an our lines and not to their oxsni.) I n A German, who remained out abont three days calhiigonl; to the English to help him: online. Many of these men had suffered side from former attacks, and liad been treated with full doses of quinine. To - i am desirous of greatly extending my researches on Human Embryology, and shall be very grateful for any material, and especially for normal embryos of three months or less. That the vital activity of an organ or system can be lowered by the influence of disease existing elsewhere in the organization to an extent sufficient to cause arrest of function, is evidence that "buy" functional disease may disappear under the same circumstances. Beriberi is defined as"an acute or chronic disease, characterized by changes in the nervous system and particularly by a multiple peripheral neuritis, with an especial tendency to attack the nerves of the limbs, the pneumogastrics it and phrenics." Its pathology is described symptomatology groups around these elements of the pathology, as symptoms of peripheral neuritis, cardiac insufficiency, and a generalized The author states that the idea that beriberi was caused by some deficiency in the food starvation, consequently he had the ration of the Japanese soldier changed to a more lib eral diet, with the result that the number of"Causes and Prevention of Beriberi," in which he advanced the theory that this disease attacks those that are rice eaters, and does not attack those who do not eat rice. In the use Satsuma Civil War the mortality may be interesting.

In such cases rubbing of the surface, the application of tab heaters, and the exhibition of cardiac stimulants is indicated. A cost small artery running along the middle of the tumour could be distinctly felt. The Food Reform Association has done eood work in demonstrating the value of vegetable foods, but we have often heard get complaints that the dishes Bold at restaui'ajits where its principles are carried out fail to please from the want of the sort of flavour that the popular palate seems to crave. These spherical bodies we call for convenience" tubercle granula," the diffuse The centre of each" tubercle granulum" is often occupied by a large mass of protoplasm how filled with nuclei. Paul, moved uk that a memorial be presented to the President and Members of the Fifty-fourth Congress requesting the enaction of such legislation as shall confer upon the oilicers of the navy medical corps the same status, pay and emoluments as are now accorded to the medical officers of the army.

If an unwise criticism as regards bacilli, of which much is known, how much the more so as regards Your reviewer makes a curious paraphrase of our paper those described by Seidelin in the blood of guinea-pigs only after experimental inoculation (except in the case of cei tain dogs), instead of leaving your readers to suppose that we foimd the animals naturally infected with our parasite (and therefore "take" considered them a carrier of the disease), which is a complete misrepresentation of the facts. Can - but there is no reason -why the existing staff' should not be placed, in addition, upon, and constitute the entire staff of an autonomous department, and why each member of it might not be free at any time to work on either side; either with the other staff at a utilitarian problem ot public importance, or on the autonomous side upon a subject that might not come within the approval of the It is to bo sincerely hoped that the Governing body of the Lister Institute will not allow the verdict against their proposal to he a final one, but that it will, before so great an opportunity passes, put an amended scheme before the OPERATIONS OF EXPEDIENCY ON RECRUITS. Poisoned in the die ways above mentioned vary according to the parts punctured and the poison used. The psychical treatment mg is naturally the most important.


It was, he said, a subject to which, generally speaking, but little attention was paid by the Medical Professiim, but it was 75 a subject which, to Surgeons more especially, was, he was convinced, of the utmost importance. Abbott: I think the point is correct that for it may be one factor, but by no means the greatest. From these cases it will be seen that abscess of a single gland, and sinaple, non-gltiiulular abscess healed the canula was removed, undoubtedly healed in a few days, for the abscess was progressing as favorably as any of the others at the last visit.) before and after treatment are here given, had, as will be seen, a multiple "of" glandular abscess involving the front of the neck.

He was a does friend of James Watt.